Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Student Service Award.

This award is presented annually by the Alumni Association and the Division of Student Life in conjunction with the Fairfield University’s academic schools to six graduating graduate students, one per academic school and from Graduate Student Life.

Criteria: Recognizes graduate students who have shown exceptional dedication to, and enhancement of, a specific program, activity, organization, or project (or group of activities or projects) within the Fairfield University and/or greater community. The graduate student’s commitment to this activity must have resulted in the activity attaining a new level of achievement (a) not possible without the student’s participation and (b) above and beyond any work completed to satisfy a specific course or program requirement. The student should have clearly maximized opportunities for emotional, social, and intellectual growth throughout the duration of their program and best exemplifies the true spirit of a Jesuit education.

Nominations close Friday, February 21, 2020.

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Please describe your relationship with the nominee (unless this is a self-nomination) and why you feel they fit the criteria above for this award.

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